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How hard is your website working for you?

The major problem with websites that have been modified over time is that no expert has ever independently analyzed the performance and define how could be performing better. Most times, the website builder is just too close to the project to objectively assess its effectiveness. Maybe we can help you to analyze if your website could be working better and improve your revenue.

First, understand at what point your visitors tend to drop out. Find out the specific areas of your website where that happens and try to identify the reasons behind that. Second, one major factor in your site’s ability to succeed is the quality of your target audience (your visitors). You must understand and align your marketing team, so you can adjust the keywords you’re bidding, use specialized keywords to drive relevant customers to your pages.

At last, you must encourage your visitors to return. Returning visitors are free and you can boost the average profitability of each customer, certainly you will massively increase your website’s earning potential.

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Full Service Price List:

We provide several services to our clients. The list below outlines the price for services that incur a charge. These prices are for work at our office, using our equipment and guaranteeing our quality standards.

Service Time Frame Price Order
Website migration to New Server 48 Hours 35.00 EUR Order Today
Full backup of your Website to disk 24 Hours 20.00 EUR Order Today
WordPress software installation 24 Hours 9.99 EUR Order Today
Joomla software installation 24 Hours 9.99 EUR Order Today
Drupal software installation 24 Hours 9.99 EUR Order Today

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